Will You Serve 'Verse

Published 08/17/2013
Fic: Will You Serve 'Verse (40,919 words)
Summary:The angels and demons are merciless in their efforts to convince Sam and Dean to say "yes."
Notes:This podfic was recorded for Podfic Big Bang 2013 (Round 3).

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1. Will You Serve? by (617 words)

She is deceptively tiny. White light leaks out of the corner of her eyes like tears of sunlight and her hands are barely larger than a child’s.

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2. Apple Pie and Liniment by (4,185 words)

Dean sets Sam’s cocoa down and looks at the bottle. Horse liniment. “Big as he is, Sam’s not a horse.”
The farmer shakes his head. “Nope, but he don’t seem like he’s gonna lay down and die, neither. Seems like he’s got a powerful need to keep goin’ and I heard you rattling around in the bathroom. Out of pills, is he?”

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3. Always In It by (3,482 words)

The morning after an exorcism, Dean wakes up ready to get to a pharmacy for Sam’s pain meds.

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4. Nineteen Steps (to the door of the red room) by (6,318 words)

There are nineteen steps and ten minutes to get Dean before he and the house he’s in vanish.

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5. Do Your Duty, Little Sparrow by (14,468 words)

Dean goes missing searching for someone who might be able to heal Sam’s permanently ruined leg. In the course of searching for him, Sam and Castiel fall into a trap and Sam suffers an asthma attack.

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6. That One Word by (9,610 words)

There’s two years of ‘no’ stamped into the lines on Sam’s face.

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7. Time Served by (2,239 words)

After things have settled with the Leviathans, Cas goes to visit Sam who has been having bad dreams and a phantom pain.

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