Tricky Business: A Podfic Anthology

Published 04/08/2013
Fic: Tricky Business: A Podfic Anthology
Summary:An anthology of 25 short stories written by entaglenow and featuring Gabriel/Sam Winchester with a side order of Castiel/Dean Winchester.
Notes:This podfic was recorded for Amplificathon 2013.

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1. This One Is Free by (595 words)

In which Sam ends up in a frozen lake, and then ends up somewhere warm.

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2. Osmosis by (303 words)

Freakin' angels and their rain avoiding telekinesis.

mp3 (1.84 MB, 00:02:04)
3. Disorder by (163 words)

Sam's almost entirely asleep when he registers the sensation of fingers in his hair, threading through where it's laid across the pillow.

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4. Angels by (574 words)

Dean and Gabriel have a tendency to try and kill each other if left alone for five minutes.

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5. Demonstrations by (554 words)

"Let's just say, your brother and my brother are taking care of all that post-battle adrenaline."

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6. Manners by (551 words)

"Go away." Sam doesn't even bother turning around. Because there's only one person that gives off an air of chocolate and sarcasm, and doesn't need to open doors.

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7. One of Us by (517 words)

We're judged by the choices we make.

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8. The Games We Play by (1,011 words)

In which Gabriel pushes and Sam resists.

mp3 (5.48 MB, 00:07:23)
9. Room 17 by (535 words)

Sooner or later, Sam has to start making some good decisions.

mp3 (3.1 MB, 00:03:55)
10. Pancakes by (979 words)

"Can we please have a conversation that doesn't involve messing about with foodstuffs, just for a change?"

mp3 (5.35 MB, 00:07:11)
11. Unsaid by (787 words)

Sam's reading, listening to the quiet murmur of Dean and Castiel in the room next door. When the bed sinks behind him, one slow crush of springs and fabric.

mp3 (4.14 MB, 00:05:26)
12. For A Living by (358 words)

In which Sam suffers, and Gabriel makes a point.

mp3 (2.35 MB, 00:02:49)
13. Candy Mountain by (533 words)

In which there is unwanted candy.

mp3 (3 MB, 00:03:46)
14. Magic Tricks by (246 words)

In which Sam does magic and Dean is confused.

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15. Halo by (656 words)

It starts off with a witch, or rather a witch hunt.

mp3 (3.69 MB, 00:04:46)
16. Intermission by (711 words)

In which sometimes nothing happens at all.

mp3 (4.01 MB, 00:05:15)
17. Serious Questions by (814 words)

Sam's whole world starts with the floor.

mp3 (4.44 MB, 00:05:51)
18. Unreality by (1,133 words)

The power of the spell touches something in a way that none of them anticipated.

mp3 (5.83 MB, 00:07:53)
19. Instrumental Section by (1,020 words)

They'll never be evenly matched, but Sam's getting used to that.

mp3 (5.18 MB, 00:06:57)
20. Powerless by (725 words)

Sam's mostly joking when he demands it.

mp3 (3.6 MB, 00:04:39)
21. I Accept This by (725 words)

In which Sam is trying to sleep and Gabriel is very distracting.

mp3 (3.76 MB, 00:04:52)
22. Chocolate by (572 words)

Gabriel has a unique approach to protection symbols.

mp3 (3.43 MB, 00:04:23)
23. Blind by (398 words)

"I could just promise not to look."

mp3 (2.48 MB, 00:03:00)
24. Blood and Ink by (930 words)

The tattoos will have to be done manually, which means forcing angel blood under the skin in a way that Sam's fairly sure is going to hurt like hell.

mp3 (4.88 MB, 00:06:30)
25. Our Mornings by (2,155 words)

That would be the sound of his brother having sex with an angel three rooms away.

mp3 (10.25 MB, 00:14:20)