The Merlin Drabble Anthology II

Published 06/19/2011
Fic: The Merlin Drabble Anthology II
Summary:A collection of 27 podrabbles, primarily of Arthur/Merlin drabbles.
Notes:This podfic was recorded for Amplificathon 2011.

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1. Afterglow by (101 words)

In the aftermath of their first time together, Arthur is still a bit of a prat, but Merlin loves him anyway.

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2. Afterglow by (100 words)

Gwaine will proudly admit it was all his idea.

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3. And Finally Winter by (100 words)

The snowstorm is sudden and harsh. There are snowdrifts ranging three feet to ten. The oncoming army is stopped dead and there's no way that Camelot's men can move more than a half a mile, let alone fight.

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4. Anything You Can Do (I Can Do Better) by (426 words)

Arthur tries magic in jest–and it works. Takes place after Arthur is king.

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5. Coronation Day by (487 words)

He’s happy. He hasn’t felt like this in a long time. Like there’s absolutely nothing that can put him down. No battles to win, no monsters or sorcerers to fight, no telepathic children to hinder, no power-seeking trolls, nothing. He’s happy and he has cake. Life is good.

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6. For My King by

Merlin just wanted Arthur and Lancelot to get along….

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7. Four Times Merlin Made a Fool of Himself and One Time Arthur Did by (1,633 words)

When one has, in his backpack, two heavy textbooks, a wallet, a bottle of water, headache tablets, a novel, a jumper, a scarf, two pencils, a sharpener, a ruler, a calculator, assorted paperclips, chewing gum, and a single sock, trying to find any one item is a difficult task.

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8. Gleam by (100 words)

Merlin’s face bobs in and out of the firelight as he laughs...

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9. Hold Hard by (1,022 words)

Arthur just loves to fuck Merlin open, till he is dripping and too sore to even sit up.

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10. In His Hands by

The rumors of Arthur’s brutality were not unfounded.

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11. Jigssaw Porn by (463 words)

Merlin likes being used.

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12. Just One of Those Things by

Whenever they sleep beside each other, Merlin inevitably wakes up with Arthur draped all over him.

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13. Mind Reading by (1,089 words)

Merlin has learned a lot things he never expected during his two days as an accidental mind reader.

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14. My Baby, He Wrote Me A Letter by

Since Arthur had become king, Merlin never really saw him anymore. So Arthur started leaving him little notes.

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15. The Prince's New Clothes by

Arthur needs new clothes. And a date. But clothes first.

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16. Selkie by (1,150 words)

Arthur knew the stories, so he didn’t take any chances — he burned the sealskin as soon as he found it.

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17. Shared by (100 words)

It’s different when it’s shared.

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18. Standpoint by (100 words)

Merlin gets put into the stocks and Arthur appreciates the view.

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19. Study Break by (806 words)

Modern AU. Arthur interrupts Merlin studying in the library.

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20. Sweltering by (1,064 words)

The castle is sweltering in the midsummer heat, stones breathing damply under the sun’s height when even the air lies still.

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21. Tether by (294 words)

He wakes up in Merlin’s arms, nose tucked into the soft skin of his throat, swallows back a wave of desire so intense he’s surprised it doesn’t wake Merlin somehow and holds very still.

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22. That's How the Light Gets In by (300 words)

Camelot is burning.

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23. To Futures When Your Love Is Mine by (1,337 words)

There is something to be said about patience. Mostly, Arthur finds that he is not, in fact, a patient man.

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24. Under the Sheets by (553 words)

“Then what do you want?”
“To lie here and be warm together for a while.”

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25. Very Nearly by (1,386 words)

Sometimes “a close thing” becomes a closer thing.

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26. Wordless Gratitude by

The second time Arthur and Merlin saved Ealdor, they buried no one.

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27. Worrying the Thread by (1,175 words)

Merlin has a confession to make. And he really, honestly tries to make it.

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