The Merlin Drabble Anthology I

Published 06/07/2010
Fic: The Merlin Drabble Anthology I
Summary:A collection of 33 podrabbles, primarily of Arthur/Merlin drabbles.
Notes:This podfic was recorded for Amplificathon 2010.

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1. Angry Sex by (707 words)

Merlin is thrown back into the door with a force that makes the dishes on the table rattle.

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2. At Dawn by (193 words)

He woke as the first morning light crept into his chambers, and watched, transfixed, the gradual revelation of the boy still deeply asleep beside him.

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3. Candles by (281 words)

The golden candlelight flickers over Merlin's pale skin and Arthur thinks that he could watch it for hours.

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4. Coping Mechanism by

Coda to 2x13. Arthur, for the life of him, can't figure it out.

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5. Desperate by (284 words)

Merlin nearly died today.

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6. Farewell, My Lover by (100 words)

Merlin falls gravely ill. Arthur sits at his bedside, unable to let him go.

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7. First Kiss by (195 words)

They weren't drunk. That would have given Merlin an excuse.

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9. IT by (549 words)

This was why he ended up at his desk at 7pm, glaring at code. This was why he got angry emails from area managers about the lack of IT support. Because when he was supposed to be working, when he had actual things to do, Arthur came in here and treated Merlin like his personal Slayer of the Technological Beasties.

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10. It Wasn't A Kiss (alternate title: Not A Kiss) by (150 words)

"It wasn't a kiss!" Merlin said.

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11. Kiss Me by (480 words)

At first Merlin’s not sure he heard right.

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12. The Language of Courtly Love by (406 words)

Merlin has a secret admirer.

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13. A Little Revelation by (604 words)

The arrival of a mystery child leads to a confession.

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14. Manhandling by (315 words)

I was naive at the time, and I figured that was just how royalty did things.

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15. Neck-Scarf by (350 words)

Hidden beneath that scarf is his calling card: possessive bite marks that he hadn’t been able to prevent himself from leaving behind.

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16. One Too Many at the Feast by (204 words)

“Everyone drinks, Merlin,” Arthur said. “Oh, let me help, you clod. You’ll drop him down the first stairwell.”

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17. Over the Top by (213 words)

Arthur bends Merlin over the top of the desk and has his way with him.

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18. Possession by (550 words)

Possessive!Arthur has trouble sharing Merlin.

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20. Sleep, Sweet Prince by (611 words)

Merlin forgot to pack Pudsey before the fabulous four left for Tintagel. Arthur is not best pleased. How is he supposed to sleep without his bear?

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21. A Question of Consent by (274 words)

To be honest, it had never even occurred to Arthur that Merlin might not want to bed him.

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22. Quickie by (697 words)

He grabs Merlin; half carries him along the corridor and down the next before he shoves him into an alcove, panting with the need, half desperate from the hours of sitting still and trying to think while Merlin fidgets restlessly behind him.

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23. Shut Up by (200 words)

Quiet is never a word Arthur uses to describe Merlin.

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24. Slip of the Tongue by (447 words)

It slips out in conversation, completely by accident.

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25. A Spell Backfires on Merlin by (525 words) mp3 (2.64 MB, 0:03:46)
26. Spoils by (283 words)

He indulges the physician’s boy beyond any sort of common decency.

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27. The Sword in the Stone by (674 words)

Young Arthur sets out to pull the sword from the stone. It’s not quite what he expected.

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28. There's Always That by (400 words)

It would have been a nice, uneventful, and relaxing hunting trip if Merlin hadn’t gone and caught a cold.

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29. Ties by (699 words)

AU. The battle was won when King Arthur captured Cendred’s sorcerer.

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30. The Voice of an Angel by (956 words)

Merlin hears something unexpected.

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31. When Winning Feels Like Losing by (100 words)

Arthur never even realized someone other than Gwen was after his heart. Not until it was too late.

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32. Wolf Bite/Wolf Mate by (121 words)

It was the bite’s fault.

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33. You're a Part Time Lover and a Full Time Friend by (304 words)

Arthur laughs, head thrown back, and the sound is low, rumbling through Merlin’s body.

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