Species Interaction

Published 08/13/2013
Fic: Species Interaction
Summary:Despite making themselves known to the world over a century ago, the seraph race was still shrouded in mystery. All Jensen Ackles had ever wanted was to get into one of their academies to learn about them and their care. All Jared Padalecki wanted was to find his mate.
Notes:This podfic was recorded for Podfic Big Bang 2013 (Round 3).

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2. Soft and Tender by (2,200 words)

Jared's feathers are growing back in as he and Jensen grow back together.

mp3 (9.84 MB, 00:13:56)
3. Special Occasion by (926 words)

Jared dresses up as Cupid for their first Valentine's Day together.

mp3 (4.26 MB, 00:05:49)
4. Sharing Isn't Caring by (757 words)

Jared doesn't like the attention that Jensen is getting from another seraph. Jensen thinks he's paranoid.

mp3 (4.26 MB, 00:05:49)
5. Cracked Egg by (667 words)

Jared and Jensen discover that Jared's power have some very unusual side effects.

mp3 (3.54 MB, 00:04:43)
6. The Flour Child by (1,537 words)

Jared and Jensen have an egg. Jensen doesn't really know what to do with that information.

mp3 (7.44 MB, 00:10:24)
7. Egg Hunt by (1,219 words)

Somebody takes Jared's egg for their own Easter celebration.

mp3 (6.25 MB, 00:08:40)
8. Breaking Out by (1,181 words)

The hatching of Jared and Jensen's first child.

mp3 (5.38 MB, 00:07:24)
9. Eating Poultry by (3,892 words)

Jared and Jensen are spending Thanksgiving with Jensen's parents. Their son gets 'attacked' by a 'vicious' house cat.

mp3 (18.14 MB, 00:25:59)
10. Baby Angels by (3,074 words)

Jared and Jensen are spending Christmas with Jensen's parents. They're naughty and end up with a Christmas surprise.

mp3 (13.84 MB, 00:19:43)
11. Cherub's Bow by (766 words)

Jared's son decides that he's Cupid.

mp3 (3.69 MB, 00:04:56)
12. Wave Hello by (1,120 words)

The hatching of Jared and Jensen's second child.

mp3 (5.26 MB, 00:07:13)
13. Mother's Day by (518 words)

Jared gets woken up for breakfast in bed.

mp3 (2.98 MB, 00:03:54)