Killer Romance

Published 05/28/2018
Fic: Killer Romance (44,885 words)
Summary:The completed collection of Killer Romance (aka the adventures of ex-assassin Jensen and crime boss Jared) fics and timestamps in chronological order.

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1. Worrisome by (557 words)

Alan's always kept an eye out for missing pets.

mp3 (3.1 MB, 0:03:53)
2. You Always Remember Your First by (744 words)

Jensen’s first kill and his first contract negotiation.

mp3 (3.98 MB, 00:05:24)
3. In the Beginning by (4,258 words)

All love stories have to start somewhere.

mp3 (20.03 MB, 00:29:01)
4. The First Fight by (976 words)

Jensen thinks Jared is going to break up with him.

mp3 (5.87 MB, 00:07:53)
5. Hunting by (631 words)

Set sometime during their first year together, Jensen gets riled and reverts to his old ways. Luckily, Jared's there to talk him down. Literally.

mp3 (4.02 MB, 00:05:05)
6. Bah Humbug by (937 words)

The first Christmas as a couple always has a few - or a lot - of speedbumps.

mp3 (5.6 MB, 00:07:27)
7. This Could Get Messy by (1,675 words)

AU. Jared has a pretty good life with his booming criminal organization and his indecently hot boyfriend, but when right-hand-man Chad thinks he's found a snitch will everything fall apart... or get cut into tiny pieces with a big-ass knife?

mp3 (8.81 MB, 00:12:15)
8. This Could Get Messier by (1,517 words)

Jeff's wondering if it might be time to take a nice, long vacation.

mp3 (7.9 MB, 00:10:56)
9. Poking Dangerous Things with Sticks by (556 words)

Chad's not scared of Jensen. He's not. Really.

mp3 (3.48 MB, 00:04:35)
10. Better Than Chocolates by (926 words)

Valentine's Day timestamp.

mp3 (5.02 MB, 00:07:05)
11. Most Likely To... by (648 words)

Jensen sees a familiar face at one of Jared's parties.

mp3 (3.91 MB, 00:05:07)
12. The Exception by (2,236 words)

It's really all Jensen's fault.

mp3 (11.29 MB, 00:16:17)
13. Halloween For the Ethically Challenged by (1,625 words)

Halloween timestamp. "Dude, it's nothing bad, I swear. It's just... You know how Jared tends to really get into holidays?"

mp3 (8.46 MB, 00:11:51)
14. Tag and Release by (226 words)

Jensen's like a big, African cat, and Jared's like a gazelle. Or maybe a giraffe.

mp3 (1.75 MB, 00:01:46)
15. The Agent by (747 words)

Misha's not very good at mingling.

mp3 (5.1 MB, 00:06:46)
16. One Time, In Amsterdam... by (1,265 words)

There's a reason why Chris doesn't usually go undercover...

mp3 (7.61 MB, 00:10:19)
17. Still Better Than Chocolates by (2,492 words)

Jensen's heart is in the right place. A Valentine's Day timestamp set a year after "Better Than Chocolates".

mp3 (13.12 MB, 00:18:53)
18. Vengeance (Is a Dish Best Served by Someone's Mother) by (1,926 words)

Jensen has a rotten day, Jared tries to help, and everyone else makes bets on the effectiveness of Misha's ability to make nefarious plans.

mp3 (9.66 MB, 00:13:38)
19. Repercussions by (2,639 words)

You really shouldn't fuck with Jensen's boyfriend.

mp3 (12.46 MB, 00:17:56)
20. Leverage by (601 words)

Jared's used as leverage to get Jensen to do a job.

mp3 (3.51 MB, 00:04:46)
21. Volatile by (4,183 words)

When the team gets attacked, Jensen goes on the offensive. But is everything - and everyone - really what they seem?

mp3 (23.03 MB, 00:32:53)
22. Anything But Common by (2,086 words)

Misery doesn't always love company, but Jared always loves Jensen, even if he is kind of gross at the moment.

mp3 (10.79 MB, 00:15:03)
23. Reunion by (293 words)

Jared's excited about his high school reunion. Now, if he can only get Jensen through the door.

mp3 (2.18 MB, 00:02:29)
24. Of Human Bonding by (5,952 words)

When Jared sees Zoe-shaped cracks in his team's foundation, he decides to call in outside help.

mp3 (32.5 MB, 00:46:38)
25. After the Beep by (278 words)

Jensen disappears, leaving behind just a short voice mail message.

mp3 (2.18 MB, 00:02:34)
26. Just Call Him Grace by (952 words)

Chris gets injured.

mp3 (5.52 MB, 00:07:22)
27. Jared to the Rescue! by (576 words)

Jensen is the best boyfriend ever.

mp3 (3.63 MB, 00:04:32)
28. Jealousy by (483 words)

When Jared invites his high school girlfriend to the mansion for a bit, the security team has to deal with a slightly homicidal Jensen.

mp3 (3.33 MB, 00:04:17)
29. Jealousy II by (480 words)

"I don't get jealous, Chris. I just don't. That's not how I'm wired."

mp3 (3.1 MB, 00:03:51)
30. The Talk by (423 words)

Jensen thinks that he and Jared are in a rut.

mp3 (3.07 MB, 00:03:59)
31. The Security Team is Not a Lending Library by (1,640 words)

Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean that there isn't a sniper watching you from the shadows.

mp3 (9.03 MB, 00:12:30)
32. Sasquatches Can Totally Be Stealthy by (480 words)

Jared tries to out-stealth Jensen. Jensen finds it kind of adorable.

mp3 (3.35 MB, 00:04:03)