For Aslan!

Published 11/22/2011
Fic: For Aslan! (4,257 words)
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Summary:A collection of drabbles written for the 100foraslan LJ community. Most are unrelated to each other.

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1. Sand Through the Hourglass by (100 words)

Peter was a morning person.

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2. I'm Not Alright by (121 words)

Following his final return from Narnia, Peter acknowledges his lie.

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3. Unicorn Pops by (100 words)

Will promised to bring his younger cousin to the fair, but their excursion is cut abruptly short when Ben takes his teasing just a little too far.

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4. Pretty Please With A Cherry On Top by (101 words)

Peter is defeated by some Telemarine-styled ceremonial robes. Prince Charming enjoys the rescue a little too much.

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5. Poisonous Roses by (116 words)

His lips were rose-soft, in stark comparison to his merciless tongue.

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6. Labyrinthine by (102 words)

Caspian pursues Peter through a maze of roses.

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7. Love in Bloom by (186 words)

Peter can only look on as Caspian woos someone else.

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8. Heroes and Kings by (299 words)

Eustace isn't cut out for this business of heroes and kings.

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9. The Selfishness of Love by (298 words)

Rilian doesn't regret rushing Eustance into a marriage and position he wasn't ready for. What else could he have done?

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10. A Soldier's Rhapsody by (297 words)

Peter searches for a way home that he may never find.

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11. The Price of a Crown by (299 words)

What sacrifice is too great for the continued prosperity of a kingdom?

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12. In Love and War by (211 words)

Caspian gets a clue.

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13. With Stars In Their Eyes by (236 words)

Caspian was always chasing stars.

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14. If Trees Could Talk by (716 words)

Peter suddenly decides that he wants to have sex while out in the forest. Caspian isn't so keen on the idea.

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15. One Perfect Reason by (399 words)

Following their triumph over the Telemarine forces, the Narnian camp settles in for a night of celebration before marching for the city to formally crown their king. Peter watches Caspian and wishes for things beyond his power.

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16. The True History of King Caspian and the Furry Devil by (401 words)

Caspian is at war ... with a cat.

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17. The True History of Love Lost by (372 words)

Aslan sends Caspian back through time, to the Golden Age of Narnia.

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