Fencing AU

Published 06/20/2009
Fic: Fencing AU (10,641 words)
Summary:Arthur is a fencer. Merlin is the boy who loves him.

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1. Body to Body by (1,248 words)

It shouldn’t be possible for socks to be that tight on a person’s calves.

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2. Change of Engagement by (1,546 words)

Belatedly he realised that he could have taken his bike.

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3. Foible by (1,039 words)

Arthur gave him a shove as Merlin’s bony legs were making his own get pins and needles.

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4. Trompement by (1,528 words)

Definition: The action of hitting an opponent at the end of a feint, after a successful deception.

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5. Chinese Food in Ealdor Block by (268 words)

Arthur arrived outside Merlin's flat at seven in the evening with handfuls of Chinese takeaway.

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6. Prise De Fer by (1,351 words)

There was only one person that Arthur knew was a) a twerp and b) had ears of notable magnitude.

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7. Absence of Blade by (1,377 words)

“Arthur you absolute git. Where is Merlin? The performance has started. And why are you ringing me? You know that it’s a first night performance. What are you doing?” Arthur sighed again. “Which of those questions do you want me to answer first?”

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8. Watching TV by (227 words)

"I was watching that you prat!"

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9. At A Performance by (369 words)

Arthur smiled and watched Merlin work.

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10. Target Area by (1,687 words)

Merlin turned, hypocritically spitting blood out on to the carpet before leaving without a word.

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