These Hands Hold Stars

Published 10/29/2017


Fic: These Hands Hold Stars by (23,431 words)
Summary:Young Prince Ben doesn't expect his marriage to Commander Poe Dameron of the New Republic Starfleet to be anything but a waste of time -- but times of change loom on the horizon and Ben finds himself falling for the man who might become his staunchest ally.
Notes:This podfic was recorded for Podfic Big Bang 2017.


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Table of Contents

Track Duration Play Download
Chapter 1: A Handsome Stranger 00:28:13 mp3
Chapter 2: Marriage Brings Us Together 00:32:24 mp3
Chapter 3: Makes Fools of Us All 00:37:58 mp3
Chapter 4: The Temple 00:33:44 mp3
Chapter 5: An Awakening 00:33:43 mp3
Epilogue 00:02:39 mp3