The Radio Wedding

Published 11/14/2014


Fic: The Radio Wedding by (103,711 words)
Summary:Jensen's family attempts to find him a mystery bride as part of a radio contest. When Jared is the one that meets him at the altar, the two embark on a marriage that neither of them expected.
Notes:This podfic was recorded for Podfic Big Bang 2014 (Round 4).


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Table of Contents

Track Duration Play Download
Part 1: The Mystery Bride 00:39:18 mp3
Part 2: The Honeymoon 00:47:14 mp3
Part 3: The Renovations 00:45:55 mp3
Part 4: The Separation Anxiety 00:42:53 mp3
Part 5: The Celibacy Issue 00:44:45 mp3
Part 6: The Family Emergency 00:48:41 mp3
Part 7: The Ex's and Oh's 00:54:07 mp3
Part 8: The Big Case of Bad Luck 01:02:14 mp3
Part 9: The Kissing Quota 01:08:59 mp3
Part 10: The Thanksgiving 00:57:16 mp3
Part 11: The Sex Night 01:06:45 mp3
Part 12: The Revelation 01:11:24 mp3
Part 13: The Admission 01:32:00 mp3